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Ji Myo Kan Dojo



Ji Myo Kan sessions are held at Halo Ledbury Leisure Centre, next to John Masefield school.

Classes are open to anyone aged 16 and over.





Monday from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.

Friday at 6.30pm until 8.30pm.  



Fee £6 per evening. £4.50 for students/ unemployed per evening.

Membership of British Birankai is a requirement and an annual fee (£35) will have to be paid once the student commits to the training. This also includes insurance cover.

Beginners are welcome. Please wear loose clothing and just come along to join the class. The links to the British Birankai website provide more detailed information about Aikido, its history and our organisation.



Sensei Steve Branagan

Sensei Steve Branagan (4th Dan) started Aikido in 1987. His main links are with Shin Mei Kan dojo in London where he began training in 1989 with Dee Chen Sensei (6th Dan Shihan), Eric Beake Sensei (6th Dan) and Steve Beecham Sensei (6th Dan ). 

In his mid twenties Steve had a 7 year break in his active involvement with Aikido and resumed training in 1999 and he returned to Shin Mei Kan in 2000. During that break period, he spent over 2 years as a full-time live in Zen student, primarily based in a Zen Temple in London, but also visiting Japan. Prior to this break Steve was accepted to train with Chiba Sensei (Shihan 8th Dan) at his Dojo in San Diego, California, USA and he lived as uchideshi - live in student - for a 9 month period.

Steve Brannigan (4th Dan)In 2005 Steve was awarded the grade of Ni Dan (2nd Dan), and qualified as Fukishidoin (qualified assistant national instructor) within British Birankai. The same year he moved to Ledbury, Herefordshire. He established Ledbury Aikido Dojo, Central Aikikai, part of British Birankai in January 2006. The Dojo was given the name Ji Myo Kan by Chiba Sensei on the 31 July 2006. In 2012, Steve achieved the rank of San Dan (3rd Dan). In 2015 Steve was promoted to Yon Dan (4th Dan) and Shidoin (national instructor) within Birankai.

Shin Mei Kan means 'house of new light'. Ji Myo Kan means 'house to embrace the light', and this name reflects Steve's long association with Shin Mei Kan.

In traditional systems lineage is of essential importance and these Dojo's, along with others within British Birankai and Birankai internationally, follow the guidance and instruction of Chiba Sensei and through him link directly to O Sensei, the founder of Aikido. Chiba Sensei passed away in 2015.

Steve has completed the appropriate coaching certificates and is CRB checked for the purposes of teaching Aikido.

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